Farewell to the Mermaid

Once upon a time, there was a girl who escaped the Village. She ran a lighthouse.  Her friends who escaped their own villages to live in freedom helped her build it. The first friend that the girl met outside the Village was the mermaid, and she found her because she loved the sea. The mermaid … Continue reading Farewell to the Mermaid

The Fairy in the Cocoon

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a lighthouse, next to a rocky coastline. The lighthouse girl often entertained travelers seeking shelter from storms and pulled the shipwrecked out of murky waters. But one of the most interesting friends she met after she left the Village was not either of these. … Continue reading The Fairy in the Cocoon

The Tea Maker and the Lighthouse Keeper

Another friend blended her own story into Cynthia Jeub's lighthouse story and my lighthouse girl story. Reprinted with permission. Once upon a time there was a tea maker. She was a very ordinary tea maker, but she did have one unusual skill: she was very good at matching the tea to the people that ordered … Continue reading The Tea Maker and the Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse and the Pirate

A short story by Cynthia Jeub, written before my lighthouse girl story last June. Reprinted with permission. It thought it was a brick. The brick was chipped, so it didn’t quite fit in with the other bricks in the shipment. It thought maybe the builder would cast it away for its imperfections. It was a … Continue reading The Lighthouse and the Pirate

The Lighthouse Girl

There was once was a little girl, raised in the Village. The Village was a utopia, walled off for protection and insulated from the world. Even the families in the girl’s section of the Village did not see each other very often, but lived peaceably, like hermits, in accordance with the Code. When the girl … Continue reading The Lighthouse Girl