Poem: For Mike

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and this is for Mike. Mike was another homeschool alum like me. He was a college classmate and my friend. I want so much for the homeschool community to recognize that we have pain and problems also. Not just public school kids. I want people like Mike to find … Continue reading Poem: For Mike

Poem: Poetry is how I pray

Southeast Texas has the best fog ever. One of my goals for 2016 is to write a new spoken word poem every month. Here’s March’s poem. I’ve never read a poem in church before,But poetry is part of how I pray,how I attempt to squeeze the unutterable into syllables,how I capture infinity in my heartbeat.I’d … Continue reading Poem: Poetry is how I pray

Poem: Interoffice Memo

Another poem from 2013. Let me never become an interoffice memoshuffled about under somebody's grocery list,stamped “confidential,”passed back to quality controlonly to be drenched with coffee on the manager's desk. Interoffice memosare stuffy and overconfident,assuming their technicalitiesabsorb the attention of our braincells.But really, the words flow in one ear,travel through the vestibulocochlear nerveinto our minds … Continue reading Poem: Interoffice Memo