Three year anniversary: #WhyILeft Fundamentalism Three years ago yesterday, I left my parents' house. They'd delivered an ultimatum: transfer from UCCS to Bob Jones University or move out. I chose freedom. Last year, a boyfriend told me, "That's one thing I love about you. You're incredibly American, in the most fundamental way. You'd rather be free than comfortable." Which … Continue reading Three year anniversary: #WhyILeft Fundamentalism

We’re not just ‘rebels’

In my last post, I talked about why I don't trust authority. Many people like me who were raised in controlling environments tend to not get along with authority outside that context, breeding difficulties in maintaining employment and interacting within society. But the older generations often discount why we'd react this way. "You're just a … Continue reading We’re not just ‘rebels’

I have trust issues with authority

After leaving fundamentalism, some of my friends left organized religion because of spiritual abuse, or identified as anarchists because they'd seen systems of power oppress people. I can't blame them really, even if their choices appear extreme, because I don't trust authority, either. Authority more often uses power to control rather than to protect in my experience, … Continue reading I have trust issues with authority

Internalization, boundaries, and me

Communication is amazing, when it actually happens. It's cliche, but both sides have to be willing to exchange and receive information. I'm trying to talk to my parents again. This is a choice I have made, not out of obligation. I'm told that I'm naïve, but there's this little flicker of optimism inside me that refuses to … Continue reading Internalization, boundaries, and me

The UnBoxing Project: Gissel’s story

In July 2014, Ashley came over to my apartment to visit one Saturday morning. Then Ashley got a text message from Gissel, one of her friends from the Pentecostal church she'd left six months ago. "Hey, can you come pick me up? My dad kinda went crazy and kicked me out. I dont have anywhere … Continue reading The UnBoxing Project: Gissel’s story