Blog redesign: 2016

So... 2016 is finally almost over. I know, right? I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front lately, but I'm okay. I finally got my dream job doing the journalism things at a local newspaper. When I finish writing every day, I don't always want to go home and write more. But there's more. I've … Continue reading Blog redesign: 2016

New Blog Layout: 2015

Some of you probably noticed that I updated my blog layout in January. My friend Elraen had a tradition of posting screenshots of her old blog layouts as a record. She's currently a journalist in the music industry, she majored in digital writing, and she does a lot of photo editing and graphic design work, … Continue reading New Blog Layout: 2015

The Jar of Self-Confidence and Stat Bonuses

I'm naturally a bubbly person. One of my nicknames in college was the toesocks fairy. But I've been recovering from what my friends and I called emotional hypothermia, slowly warming up to my own emotions, both positive and negative ones. I wondered how much of my optimism was forced. Not all of it was. This … Continue reading The Jar of Self-Confidence and Stat Bonuses