Help a fundamentalism escapee, human trafficking survivor and single mom get a car + restart life


Some of you probably know about my 19-year-old friend who recently escaped a human trafficking situation back in January.  She’s also an escapee from fundamentalism.

She’s now trying to start her life over with an almost one-year-old baby while going through the legal process of an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

I helped her report everything that happened to police when she stayed with me for a few weeks.

Her story is complex. She was a 15-year-old in the system, taken in by a foster mom in a fundamentalist cult in North Texas centered on apocalyptic prophecy. Her guardian told her not to finish high school and just prepare to be a wife and mother because the end times are approaching. She told her, why finish high school when the world will end in the next two years?

At 17, she ran away at to another state with people she trusted who ended up using her. Now she’s a teen mom who is trying to rebuild her life after leaving an abusive situation.

I’m going to be buying a new car at the end of this month and I’m giving her the car I have now. It’s a 14 year old sedan with 150,000 miles on it, but she needs help paying the fees to transfer the title into her name.

Because the state values the car at $2,800 (although the car dealership would only give me $500 for a trade in), the sales tax and registration fees would be almost $300.

If you would like to donate towards the fees, which is her most urgent need, please sent it to me directly through PayPal:

HELP WITH THE CAR | Here’s my PayPal info

UPDATE 6/17/2019: We’ve funded the car registration fees and the insurance, thanks to your help!

If you’d like to give something towards diapers and baby food and other things for survival, she also has a GoFundMe.


If you’d like to donate gently used baby supplies or clothing, please send me a PM or email me.

Because of the situation, we have to protect her identity, but we love her a lot and want to see her succeed and get help. It’s easier to pulled into situations where you’re being exploited easier than you think. People are not property.

If you’re passionate about stopping abuse, if you’ve been involved in protests to protect women and prevent people from being treated like objects, please consider helping my young friend find freedom and wings so that she will never, ever be used like that ever again.

We’ve already received several wonderfully useful gifts from friends like diapers, a playpen for her baby and onesies but there’s so much she needs.

Don’t feel obligated to give if you can’t but if you are able, thank you! 💜

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