Here’s an explanation about that callout post last fall

So I have something to say about social media callouts.

Several of you probably saw a post circulating about me last fall in which someone called me an unsafe person. They also said I called the cops on them because they were living out of a hotel with two infants.

I don’t normally defend myself and I couldn’t say anything then because of the whole situation. But now I think my friends deserve an explanation.

That’s not why I reported them to the police.

I called because I suspected they were abusing someone who was finally able to leave them this month. Even worse, these people were once my friends, before they got involved in illegal activity.

In the last few weeks, the whole truth has come to light. I’ve given my statements to law enforcement, reporting human trafficking and exploitation of a runaway minor. I’ve been told federal agents are now investigating.

I’m glad I distanced myself from the situation when I did and grateful for being able to help the person who escaped. She and her baby are now away from them. The investigation is continuing.

If you have questions, feel free to PM or email me and I’ll be happy to explain more about the situation. There’s a lot of people that didn’t know what was actually going on.

This is just a word of caution about callouts on social media.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying sometimes they don’t reflect the full story. It can be used by someone manipulating words to fit another meaning and cover their own bad behavior.

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