#MeToo: It took me three years to unfriend him {For the Huffington Post}


Content note: sexual assault

I told myself that he’d just made a mistake.

I was 25. I’d never dated anyone.

He was my study partner, helping me get through senior level classes. He knew I was planning to move out of state after I graduated college in a few months.

“Neither one of us have dated many people, and if nothing else happens, that’s okay,” he said. “It’s just practice dating.”

Just practice, he said.

His hands were all over me the first date and I wasn’t sure what to think. We didn’t end up watching the movie he picked.

Our study sessions shifted. I owed him “cuddle time” afterwards. He said he was rewarding me.

“Don’t you like this? Isn’t this nice?”

I wasn’t sure what I felt, but it was all moving so fast.

Today I shared on the Huffington Post why I posted #MeToo on Facebook yesterday. Please join me there, if you’re able. 

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