How Season 4 of Orange is the New Black basically recapped 2016

Orange_is_the_new_BlackLast spring, I shared that I’d watched all three seasons of Orange is the New Black in about two weeks.

When season four released in June, I did the bingewatching thing that Americans do nowadays and went home on Friday night finished the season by late Saturday evening (with a few hours of sleep in the wee hours of Saturday morning.)

But by the last episode started loading, I was sobbing and my head was pounding. It was as if the show creators had managed to cram an entire year into the show.

We’d been through everything from police brutality to offbeat diet trends like seltzer water in about 12 hours. And we watched Alex and her cohorts hide a body after a drug cartel hitman tried to take her out and the aftermath of nightmares and cold sweats, even though it was self-defense.

Once again, I’m posting my favorite quotes.

“I don’t think racism should be a group activity, it’s private.”

“Like Obama, he got to be president, so all the rest of us get to be…”
“…in prison.”

“But shit, I’m the friendliest racist that you are ever going to meet, so can’t we all just get along?”

“You’re too sensitive, people like you shouldn’t kill.”
“Thanks for that great advice.”

“Everybody is doing things they don’t want to do, things they’re not proud of. Whatever it takes to keep your head above water.”

“How come all you bitches now wanna murder people like it’s some fall trend or something?”

“We can be as racist as we want because this is America. Land of the free. Home of the racists.”

This scene, tho.


And… this was also me.


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