Poem from 2012: Love Letter

So this weekend I went to Dallas to see The Thorn again. Every year, another part of me heals.

Look for a post about that later. For now, here’s some thoughts from the first time I went to the Thorn.

Originally posted as a Facebook note, April 8, 2012:

For those of you who may be wondering, yes, this poem came largely out of my first time to experience The Thorn last Sunday in World Arena. 🙂  

And…I just remembered it is the season for Poem-A-Day with Writer’s Digest, and this is poem #1, coming from this prompt.

Love Letter

The stars sizzled into life on the first week—
gravity-inhaling supernovas,
heaving explosions of gases melting
with more vibrance than your sun.
I molded the raw, blue energy of the heavens
like clay in My hands,
numbered them as music notes in My song,
though My love burns brighter than helium plasma.
Still no one heard.

So I chose a new ink for My calligraphy pen.
In crimson characters as rooted and dark
as wilting Valentine’s Day rose petals,
I embedded your name in My scars
and inscribed My love
in the harmony of a hammer,
punctuated by the guttural hymn of My groaning.


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