NLQ webmaster thinks speculating about LGBT quiverfull kids is okay

In January 2016, Vyckie Garrison, one of the founders of No Longer Quivering, started a public thread asking for speculations about the Duggar family for 2016. Her followers started guessing about the sexual identity of the Duggar children still living at home. The comments turned vicious, involving threats of violence towards other survivors and stalking. Read the entire conversation here.

Vyckie posted another public status the next day that she isn’t responsible for discussions that happen on her Facebook wall. Click here to read that whole dialogue. Both posts were removed sometime later.

Vyckie Garrison and her friend Laura started No Longer Quivering (NLQ) in 2009, originally hosted on Blogspot. Suzanne Titkemeyer began assisting as webmaster in 2010. I first visited NLQ in April 2013, when I found the spiritual abuse survivors blog network and Homeschoolers Anonymous.

But over the last several years, many homeschool alum and Quiverfull kids who escaped the lifestyle grew concerned about how Vyckie was using her influence in the survivor community. Her emphasis became gaining fame and influence rather than helping fellow survivors. Vyckie now regularly gives tips on the Duggars to tabloids and she is the expert on the Quiverfull lifestyle that they interview.

When she posted the thread requesting speculations, several survivors asked for their stories to be taken down. The next day, Homeschoolers Anonymous ended their blog partnership of almost three years with NLQ.

The next day Susanne Titkemeyer published a post about NLQ housekeeping for 2016 saying that the posts were removed because the blog now focuses on mothers and older women leaving the Quiverfull lifestyle, not the younger generation.

Kiery King called her out on this, explaining that NLQ didn’t decide to take down alumni posts, we demanded it.

Toward the end of January, Suzanne posted on her personal blog that she’s so glad she decided that NLQ is no longer going to discuss minors in Quiverfull families.

This is blatant hypocrisy. And it’s a coverup.

On the original public thread, several of us were pleading with everyone to stop, that this kind of speculation is dangerous. That if the Duggar family suspects one of their children could be gay, that child could be subjected to terrible punishment and mistreatment.

One of the commenters replied to us that they were going to predict there will be a transgender Duggar just to piss me off. And guess who liked the post? Suzanne Titkemeyer.

trans speculation screenshot 1

trans speculation screenshot 2

Another person said one of the boys would become gay because Josh molested him as a child. This is especially awful because abuse doesn’t turn people gay. And Suzanne liked that comment, too.

gay speculation screenshot 1

gay speculation screenshot 2

When the thread was blowing up the internets, Suzanne did nothing to stop the speculation about minors or the stalking and threats of violence against other survivors. She was liking the comments.

But now that she thinks speculation about the Duggars has gone too far in another group, she’s so glad she independently just decided, out of the goodness of her heart, to ban speculation in the NLQ community. Just like she just decided to do some housekeeping on NLQ.

Because covering her tracks is easier than admitting she was wrong.

Another site specifically for the younger women, Quivering Daughters, ran from 2009-2011. Originally Vyckie thought the daughter’s voices were needed to heal and cause change. Now that’s no longer the case. She just decided NLQ was more about mothers and older women, and deemed the voices of quiverful children as unnecessary.

The lives of LGBT kids growing up fundie is not entertainment. It’s not funny, and it’s not open for speculation. Period.

Leelah Alcorn died last year because she was a transgender homeschool kid in a conservative Christian family who did not accept her.

No more dead kids. No more speculation.

And no more pretending that you were on the right side all along.

5 thoughts on “NLQ webmaster thinks speculating about LGBT quiverfull kids is okay

  1. Holy cow, I had no idea all that was going on. I have never been active in either group but definitely perused each of those sites, and I’m really glad to have this info. That is awful.


  2. It’s crazy that so many of us found comfort at No Longer Quivering are now are becoming guilty of the same obsessive, hurtful behavior that we found so repugnant. I personally am deeply invested in my own healing so the things that led me to that lifestyle don’t take me to a bad place again.

    In the same way, even outside “commenters” raging against the movement sometimes evidence their own addictions to various ideologies, all the while thinking that they are so very different from those they are condemning. And, yes, some of these ideologies can be very oppressive.

    I’m a older mom who dove into the movement for a few years, and, after leaving, felt the worst for the children in the movement; us moms are adults and had a choice, albeit jaded, but the children had none.

    I’m sorry that a place once promoting healing is now guilty of hurting its most vulnerable. Thanks for your insights.

    Best wishes on your journey — you sound incredibly gifted, quirky and so self-possessed!


  3. Thank you for putting this out there. I was there as it all unfolded and was horrified at those who tried to justify this speculation.

    Cindy Kunsman of Under Much Grace (aka Cindy Milot from the deleted threads) even wrote a ten part series deriding those of us who expressed concern for the youth in this oppressive environment.

    It’s disturbing that there is such a vested interest in in defense of speculation that could end in a young person’s death.


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