Poem: September Again

I read two slam poems this month at the LogOn Cafe poetry slam.

One of my goals for 2016 is to write a new spoken word poem every month. Here’s January’s poem.

It’s September again,
and I feel autumn rushing through my fingertips
like frozen yellow leaved sunshine
and I remember when I drank your words like water.
That first time we met
on the wood bench
under the flame of leaves
blazing one final time before the dark
and I never thought I’d get addicted to you.
Life has many plot twists, I’m learning,
and you were one of them.
Sometimes I still wonder
how we found each other,
two cracked souls
holding each other together in the twilight
and neither one of us knew we were about to break.
We were each made of tiny shards of broken glass
and nobody could guess how deep the crevices were.
I held you while you exploded in my arms
and I never once thought I was addicted to you.

September is the beginning of the end,
onslaught of raging color because winter brings death
and humans desire togetherness, not endings.
When January came, all I had left was broken glass, shattered pieces, but not you.
Don’t ask me to explain the physics of a soul detonating
because I haven’t quite solved the equations.
All I know is that we both felt the shadows coming
and I didn’t want to leave you.
You asked me once if I was in love with you.
You said if my answer was yes
then you needed to go.
I said no, but I did not lie,
yes, I know I loved you
but I did not know then like I do now
that my soul becomes one flesh with another
long before our first kiss.
Remember, I once drank your words like water
and I never thought I was addicted to you.

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