Where’s Eleanor?

The Eleanor is still here.

The Eleanor is finishing yet another semester and GRADUATING.
Sometimes my blog doesn’t get updated as often because I also write other places.

Today, I’d like to share what else I’ve been up to.

The Scribe

For the last three years, I’ve been an editor at The Scribe, my college’s student newspaper, alternating between news editor and science and business editor.

Here’s some of my favorite articles I wrote this year:

On-campus dining changes with switch from Sodexo – Sept 14, 2014
Because I got to use Kombucha as a lede.

Community and professionals should support people struggling with depression – Oct. 20, 2014
About when my friends and I took Cynthia Jeub to the ER in September.

Report notes overall decrease in crime, increase in sex offenses – Nov 3, 2014
Because of this quote from the dean of the library:

“We have, on occasion, called Public Safety to report unacceptable behavior, such as bathing in the bathrooms, sleeping in the bathrooms, and harassment of our student assistants,” Switzer said. “However, this has been infrequent and has been handled immediately.”

Klingon, Elvish and Feayran contribute to increased cultural awareness – Nov. 10, 2014
A column on how why fantasy and other created languages can enrich our experiences.

Temporary employment may pose undesirable working conditions – Nov. 17, 2014
Investigative journalism on employment scams that target college students seeking part time employment.

Academic Office Building shot for second time in less than a week – Feb. 10, 2015
Because KOAA called us about it, and the Gazette used our photo.

Chapel Hill shooting illustrates religious, social media influences – Feb. 16, 2015
Co-authored opinion with my friend April about the Chapel Hills shooting and our concerns about neighborhood violence around colleges.

Spirituality not shunned in science – Feb. 23, 2015
On my experience as a Christian post-fundie student majoring in science.

Cult-like control is subtle; some not encouraged to think independently – March 9, 2015
About our experiences as students with cult-like churches in Colorado Springs.

Play explores fairy tales, psychology – March 9, 2015
Because I love psychological, dark fairy tales and the UCCS Theater Department.

Anxiety can pull students under, but some professors understand – March 30, 2015
On my struggles with anxiety throughout school.

New wildfire season emphasizes campus preparedness – April 13, 2015
I found out one of my classmates, Carl Monroe, was a volunteer firefighter for eight years while studying physics, during the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest wildfires.

#FreetheNipple campaign promotes desexualization of nudity – April 20, 2015
Because I am pretty passionate about this, having come out of purity culture.

I got to work on the 50 year anniversary issue for the school, and now I’ve written for every section of the paper, including a sports article.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

This spring, Homeschoolers Anonymous asked me to become part of their editorial board, so I’ve also been writing and editing with those guys.

You don’t need friends, you have your siblings: Eleanor Skelton’s Story – January 2015
For the siblings series.

How the Cage Crushed Me: Eleanor Skelton’s Story – March 2015
For the courtship / purity culture series.

This spring, I also wrote a homeschool alumni testimonial for the Coalition for Responsible Home Education over here: Eleanor Skelton’s Thoughts.

Also, I’m finally fulfilling my dream of getting into science writing and science journalism. This month I started content writing for a medical software company.

Lots and lots of writing happening, just not always here on the blog. But look out for some new series I’m planning, continuing the theme on life after fundamentalism.

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